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About us:

After more than 43 years of marriage, you would think we  know everything about each other. Nope, and that’s why we’ve been married so long. Every day is a new adventure, a new idea and another chance to enjoy life together. The experiences we want to share with you are based on our personal and professional experiences.


Ellen has undergraduate degrees in communication/journalism and psychology, and master’s degrees in history and marriage and family therapy. She earned her MFT license in Pennsylvania in 2009 and is Founder, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Sanctuary Christian Counseling. 


She supervises six therapists in addition to a full schedule of helping clients restore their marriages and helping women, men, teens and young adults find hope, healing and direction through therapy. Ellen’s volunteer efforts have supported both individuals and organizations locally and on the national level.


Pete’s 48-year professional career is in communications as a newspaper reporter, photographer and editor, in higher education administration/public relations, and in crisis communications consulting. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, a master’s degree in communications studies and a doctorate in educational leadership.


He has given presentations to various organizations and written articles for regional and national publications. In 2016, he founded CrisisComm LLC, a firm specializing in crisis communications and higher education communications and marketing. He also serves or has served on various civic and community organizations.

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