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You can't make this stuff up (No, seriously, you can't)

How many times have you seen something and thought to yourself “You can’t make this stuff up?” Yeah, us, too. That catchall phrase has been our go-to for the past three years as we, and the world, navigated the new “normal” of a pandemic.

Those of us who are mature (a description I prefer to old) can remember other challenging times in our lives but since March 2019, we as individuals, as a nation and a world have

gone through changes that have dramatically altered how we do things. Contactless pickups at grocery and other stores. Expansion of online classes for students in basic education. Work from home became the new norm . . . and wearing loungewear was kind of nice, as long as you looked good on Zoom.

Throughout those years, we have also changed and adapted. Our far-flung travel adventures became a trip to Walmart, our regular schedules were, well, no longer regular and a spare bedroom became an office. How we adapted is part of what we want to share with you. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some ideas as to how to manage and even take advantage of on-going change.

Some of our columns will be humorous. Some will serious and may cause some angst among you. Our goal is to be conversational, not confrontational. We know you’re adults and will be able to handle it, like when your significant other is talking to themselves and you don’t respond because you don’t know which side to take! Or, you ask your significant other what they want for Christmas, they say nothing and that’s what you get them. Won’t make that mistake again!

Here's our first tip: There hasn’t been much to laugh about these past several years, but being able to laugh, especially at yourself, is important. Everyone’s humor level is different. Find yours and use it every day to make your day and the day of everyone around you just a little bit better. Yeah, it can be hard when everything seems to go wrong, like the 17-year-old dog who forgets he’s in the house when he goes to the bathroom. Look past those for even one thing that makes you smile because when you smile, other people do too.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to talking with yo

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May 12, 2023

Love it! Looking forward to more posts! 😁

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